welcome week

it’s welcome week in my alma mater (i know this because i still receive the daily ‘campus news’ emails) and two years down the line, i am still nostalgic and could think of being anywhere else but in college for that exciting opening week that is so full of possibilities and potentials: new friends, new classes, a new beginning, new conversations, exciting ideas… a world of possibilities. and all of this of course is all the more quirky and fun at a college whose motto is: ‘expect the uncommon’

is this normal? should i be moving on?

or should i reconcile myself to the fact that deep down, i am an academic to the core and will not be at peace anywhere else but in the ivory tower? first as a student, later as a gray-haired professor -but all along deeply involved in the life of ideas…

highlights of the opening week from the campus news email i received this morning:


> Monday 8/25, 8PM, Make your own aquariums and ice cream social, Cyber Cafe

> Tuesday 8/26, 4PM, Hike to the Peace Chapel, meet at Ellis Hall front porch Tuesday 8/26, 8PM, Coffeehouse w/ free food and music, Cyber Cafe

> Wednesday 8/27, 8PM, Books and Bingo, Bookstore

> Thursday 8/28, 4PM, Kickball, Campus Quad

> Thursday 8/28, 8PM, PJ Party w/ food and crafts, Cyber Cafe

> Friday 8/29, 10PM, Hypnotist, Baker

> Saturday 8/30, 4PM-7PM, Registered Student Organization Fair, Campus Quad

some pictures of college from back in the day:

An Afternoon of Meditation at the Peace Chapel

Lake Raystown

in other news, after a few weeks of reprieve, it is finally back. my monstrous insomnia. for the second consecutive night i lay awake in bed unable to sleep save for that half hour of the twilight. i do not enjoy this…

kaka taighoon put it best:

پریشب مثل دیشب و شب های دیگر ، زود به سراغ خواب رفتم. خواب اما کمی دیرتر به سراغ من آمد تا جنبیدم ، صبح شده بود. فردایش که دیروز باشد در کار خسته بودم. چشم هایم بسته می شد، با آنکه ایستاده بودم . هی من بودم و فاژه کشیدن (کاکه تیغون) ء


~ by safrang on August 25, 2008.

One Response to “welcome week”

  1. yeah.. you described the welcome week very well.. there is such an excitement in the air… it is great..
    I will be graduating this year and I partly don’t want to.. it will hard outside…

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