i am proud of having cleaned up my room this weekend -it does not look like the shoreline of mississipi in the wake of katrina anymore.

but even more than that, i am proud of this young man:


for all the hype of this year’s olympics in beijing, i have not seen one frame of the games on the tv. but now i am keen on yoochoobing the taekwando under 58 events to watch how the ‘good-footed’ kid did it.

i mean it must have been a feat… he has made people cry in front of their tvs. he has made people go wild with joy and dance the atan in ningrahar, and he has galvanized a nation that is tired of being tired of mourning and suffering. this is the kind of catharsis that can undo the scars of war and suffering. this is precisely the kind of out of the blue and out of place news that can make a people believe in themselves again.

i mean let’s face it: suicide car bombing with civilian casualties, misguided airplane bombing with even more civilian casualties, hunger, starvation, violent demonstration, child mortality, olympics medal, early marriage, famine… (double take) olympic? medal?… that’s out of place… how can that be a headline keyword for afghanistan?


the subtext to this all, of course, is what a pitiful state of affairs we are in: in the hundreds year old history of olympics, and after nearly a century of formal independence, save for a 5th place in 1964 olympics, afghanistan has not even come close. the country has been in a deep slumber when not in the grip of maniacal violence.

rohullah nekpai’s agile and youthful face is also the country’s face of tomorrow

-it is time afghanistan let itself shine through. enough of pigheadedly negating itself the recognition it deserves.

it is time this country let itself shine through like the good-footed wonder-kid’s oversized teeth playfully biting that bronze medal!


~ by safrang on August 23, 2008.

One Response to “proud”

  1. This is the greatest achievement in the history of Afghanistan’s Sport so far, and done exactly by a Hazara young boy whose tribe was persecuted awfully during the last 120 years. Who was counted as a second class citizen by the government just 12 years ago, and during the Taliban (1995-2001) they were even deprived of living, their place was in the graveyard according to the orders of Mullah Omar head of Taliban!

    But now is the time to get benefit from the democratic government and live equally like other etnic citizens. Now is the right time to show that they can too be the Pride to Afghanistan.

    May they all become united and forget the racial discrimination.

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