in early hebrew the four letters that referred to god -yhwh- were so sacred they could not be uttered, and hence was reffered to simply the four letters, or tetragrammaton.

in hinduism, jainism and buddhism, the divine syllable -om- is regarded as ‘the soundless sound’ and is omnipresent in scripture and prayer. an entire chapter of the upanishads is devoted to explaining and propounding this simple syllable.

divine awe often rendered primeval man blunt and mute. he shook to the core at its mere mention.

man longs for the age when utterances were endowed with such awesome power.

the irreverence unique to our age has bereft all words -especially the sacred- of all their awe.


~ by safrang on July 21, 2008.

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  1. Blame Socrates.

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