from tel aviv to kabul

nearly forgot to mention…

when that thing happened a while ago, you know, that explosion in front of the indian embassy -by the way, call me escapist or whatever you want, i just don’t want to focus on that stuff when i write on this space- a dear friend from tel aviv, an israeli jew, wrote me to wish me well. that made my day. she also said something else that suddenly struck me and made me re-evaluate a little of what i had pent up inside me about the israeli-palestinian conflict, and realize that things are more complex than they seem. she said, “living in tel aviv we know your pain well”. for a good while i kept thinking about this comment. all that i knew, all the conventional wisdom of living here told me otherwise -but then what if the reality is that we, in the middle of this violance, may be able to commiserate more closely with israeli civilians? i do think that is the case, notwithstanding what the government there is up to, and what the history of that conflict is. because life happens in the now and here, and by ordinary people -and not in history books and by governments. troubling… ain’t it? makes you re-evaluate and brings down quite a bit of your cozy fundamental assumptions…

in other news, hope you all have a dandy friday. i’m outta here. thanks god its thursday!


~ by safrang on July 17, 2008.

2 Responses to “from tel aviv to kabul”

  1. Another thursday? Oh my.. the week goes by fast!

  2. And they have, quite successfully I should say, managed to curb the homicide bombers. Not only that Tel Aviv understands our pain better than Taif, it also has some lessons we can learn from.

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