gadgets, gadgets everywhere

and two that i would like to lay my hands on are just slated for market release in the near future:

1. apple’s shiny new iphone 3g – i waited for many months to get the first iphone, but just as the dream was about to be materialized -literally two days prior to my getting one actually- the man in the black turtleneck went on that giant stage of his to announce the new iphone 3g. i was infuriated of course -why did he have to do that right then? but finally i regained composure and my senses and the drop in price and that add-on functions seemed good enough to warrant a painful delay (though i doubt if either of the two carriers that offer internet service here -roshan or awcc- have the 3g package -but then you’ll be surprised with how leapfrogging works).
the new iphone 3g is going on sale this friday, and i hope i won’t have to wait too long before i get one.

new iphone 3g

2. canon’s new rebel xs, touted as a full dslr but only less painful – i mean i love my eos 400d (named variously as the digital rebel xti or digital kiss, but sometimes all the settings and functions do get overbearing and confusing. besides, when i bought my rebel xti the 18-55 lens did not come equipped with the new image stabilization technology, and given my photography habits, that sort of a function seems very relevant.

canon digital rebel xs


~ by safrang on July 10, 2008.

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  1. I agreed with you

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