the secret

“as above, so below;
as within, so without.”

-secret of the thrice-great sage hermes trismegistus in the tabula smaragdina, year 3000 before common era, quoted in کتاب سر الاسرار or secreturm secretorum.


~ by safrang on July 8, 2008.

3 Responses to “the secret”

  1. I just realized I’m not linked.

    You jerkface.

  2. Eiteraaz? look at this:–world-leaders-enjoy-18-course-banquet-discuss-solve-global-food-crisis.html

  3. @janey: in case you did not notice, nobody’s linked – in fact there is no links widget on this blog. but thanks anyways for the plug on tajikgirl. and that colorful reference.

    @hatif: right. that, plus the many other reasons to be really ‘depressed’ that has happened here in the past couple of days. but then again, we’re all about escapism here, unless of course we can’t help ourselves.

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