jules eat an animal that sleeps

there are search terms that make sense. like hundreds of people who have stumbled upon this site trying to locate free downloads of the hit indian song by ustad sultan khan ‘piya basanti re’ (there goes another few hundred in the next few weeks! sorry folks), but then there are those completely offbeat ones that just mystify me at the same time as making my day -like the one that led someone to this blog yesterday, mentioned in the title of this post:

“jules eat an animal that sleeps”

this quirky search term led me to do another compendium of interesting and frequent and offbeat search terms with some reaction/commentary on them:

– farsi wedding poems (to my knowledge there are none on this site)
– beautiful town names (granted, an obsession of this blogger)
– mandolin zorba
– alexander angelina (yes, angelina was divine in that movie.. and just about the only thing that made it bearable)
– coming to terms with death in the family (we have struggled with this theme for a while)
– lyrics translation lhasa de sela (i for one have never even looked for translation of lyrics to con toda palabra -lhasa’s music is its own language, which you either get, or you don’t)
– on chesil beach spoiler (i don’t think i actually spoiled it… i don’t think)
– ringo +watermelons (huh?)
– the word god spelled in farsi (خدا -i wonder if this one came from someone sitting in the shady neighborhoods of northern virginia and the defence corridor)
– water lillies (yes, i am rather proud of that picture i shot in the ‘water town’ -chihideung- of west java)
– bart simpson naked (you perverts)
– dr akram osman (and dr. babrak arghand, and birang kuhdamani, and zia qarizada, and qahar aasi, and a range of other afghanistan novelists/literature giants -testifying to a deplorable dearth of resources on them in english.)

ps. does not include farsi search terms. and there have been many of those, led by تاریخ بیهقی and آنکه می گفت ندانست وآنکه دانست زبان بست.


~ by safrang on July 1, 2008.

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