gulshanbe & a case of the evil eye?

thursday is panj-shanbe -the fifth day- in farsi. some kabulis call it gul-shanbe -the flower day. it’s when young lovers and recently-engageds and newly-marrieds go out on joyrides and walks and what not. it’s a short workday, and it leads to the weekend of friday. if tgif was to extend its franchise to afghanistan, it would be called tgit -thanks god it’s thursday.


on thursday fiancé and i were out on town.
then i got a flat tire. just like that.
had to call malik to have it fixed, as i am practically useless in all matters mechanical. i just know how to drive an automatic. thanks god he’s there always.


then she recounted the episode at home.
everyone was convinced it was a case of the evil eye. needless to say i don’t believe in the stuff, but now that i think back, we were looking damn fine.


~ by safrang on June 28, 2008.

One Response to “gulshanbe & a case of the evil eye?”

  1. hey, that is syaasat not evil eye to keep you from the gulshanbeh!!! ( i guess 3 exclamation marks are enough now).
    And take your time in replying and stuff. Let’s promote freedom (from and to) and convenience. “Life is beautiful” when we don’t try hard to make it beautiful. shaadkaam baashi.

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