midsummerday’s reflections on weather

it has been weeks since it rained last in kabul and the dust, dirt, and air pollution is approaching biblical proportions. everything is discolored, from the trees to the sky to the houses. everything needs a good wash over – i hope it rains soon. i will celebrate when it does -perhaps by taking to heart sohrab’s advice to:
…زیر باران باید

on the other hand, yesterday at mid-day i took a stroll, and just as a gentle breeze blew past i realized how beautiful the weather in kabul can be. i have lived in places where the heat suffocates you. where the humidity is stifling. where the air seems to hang heavily in place like molten lead. not in kabul though. here it can be mid-day in mid-july and all you would need to escape the heat is a tree’s refreshing shade.
…و زیر سایهء آن بانیان سبز تنومند


~ by safrang on June 22, 2008.

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