A Proposal for Lake Qargha

Lake Qargha to the immediate west of Kabul is a veritable cesspool of all things ‎imaginable -a little like the primordial soup.

(Continue reading at Heart of Asia.)‎

– for aerial maps of the lake, click here.
final technical report of fao on the rainbow trout culture in qargha fish farm (project was plagued by theft and insecurity) – link courtesy of in kabul blog.


~ by safrang on June 21, 2008.

One Response to “A Proposal for Lake Qargha”

  1. dear hamesha,
    Such a great piece; of the kind that lets one burst,only at the end, in an explosive laughter.” In fact, in the ‎larger scheme of things at stake above, even the pain in my ears and the burning ‎sensation in my eyes do not bother me anymore”. One should applaud your cosmopolitan patriotism!

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