i have a small favor to ask of my ‘expat’ colleagues here in afghanistan. and let me forewarn you, i’m planning to file this under ‘moan and bitch’.

and that is, please go on and read harry rud’s piece about the farcical affair that is capacity building in afghanistan and then please shut the hell up and stop this ad nauseum whining about lack of capacity here. and about lack of everything else.

right now i am here sitting in a cafe a safe distance away from a vociferous expat who is grumbling and ranting loudly about lack of this and lack of that, from lack of capacity to lack of electricity and lack of security and lack of good food and lack of internet and lack of talent and lack of hygiene and lack of deodorants and lack of good weather and lack of good colleagues and lack of traffic rules and lack of obedience to traffic rules and lack of obedience to rules writ large and lack of knowledge of the english language and lack of appreciation for shakespeare and lack of…

how about lack of right attitude? for working in a an admittedly difficult postwar environment? and what the hell were you thinking when you landed that lucrative contract? how about lack of cultural sensitivity? and lack of humility? and how about an overabundance of presumption and self-righteousness and arrogance? and how about getting the hell out of here if it is all so difficult and unpleasant and insufferable?

of course i don’t need to point out that this applies to a small minority of exapts… but they are often some of the loudest and most tactless and impolitic and arrogant. hence.

as the character of cuba goodings junior puts it in as good as it gets:

‘i hate doing this… i am an artist’

but boy does hearing this sort of stuff over and again get to me and put me up to posting this sort of tirade that seems so completely out of place on this blog. why bring out the mean in me? why? see what you have made me do?


~ by safrang on June 13, 2008.

3 Responses to “tirade”

  1. Sometimes it hurts not to be mean.. so..
    I liked this post..

  2. […] staff dynamic was playing out. His gritted teeth and guarded answer instantly made me think of this from Hamesha: right now i am here sitting in a cafe a safe distance away from a vociferous expat […]

  3. I am not surprised, I went to a WHO hang-out not long ago for the first time, was surprised to find people like that working for them! I had imagined them to be passionate and real, but most of them seemed to for work WHO for the status:(!

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