the snows of kilimanjaro

i ought to thank hemingway for putting this image into my mind:

“the snows of kilimanjaro”

of course i have not ever been to africa -for which i feel properly deprived- and never even seen the snow-capped crest of mount kilimanjaro (incidentally, a beautiful place name.) but many has been the morning when i have woken up and wondered about the snows of kilimanjaro and imagined it in my mind’s eye, all thanks to this old man of american letters.
of course literature is important for a range of bigger reasons. but a big part of it for this reader is the sheer joy of experiencing beautiful places and encounters and experiences, including some that i may never otherwise have access to, and deriving satisfaction from the sound of the words and the way they are lined up and combined and re-combined with each other.
i admit that to date this ‘joy of reading’ side of literature has figured more prominantly than all the other bigger things having to do with big questions and the human condition and the meaning of life stuff.


~ by safrang on June 11, 2008.

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