burqas on a beach…

…and inevitibly, bikinis.

this is the sort of surreal juxtaposition that i love:


burqa-clad women on a beach.
(i would like to think that all the women are wearing the scantiest of string bikinis under the black burqas.)

this is a work by iranian artist shirin neshat.


~ by safrang on June 5, 2008.

7 Responses to “burqas on a beach…”

  1. What a cool shot! They remind me of birds on the beach.

  2. You entertain fantasies about chicks wearing burqas? How odd!

  3. @erikatakacs: exactly – like crows on a beach! or seagulls after an oilspill.

    @nathaliewithanh: no, i entertain the odd fantasy that under those black burqas all the chicks sport scanty bikinis rivaling those seen on the latest fhm swimsuit edition.

  4. can I buy a print of this photo? if so, how?

  5. look here this

  6. Sine-Göz…

    […]burqas on a beach… « Hamesha[…]…

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