teddy’s health

some years back in college (i can’t believe i am saying that already) in one of those days when i managed to spend an entire day indoor in the basement of my school library where the air was suffused with the pleasant smell of yellowing paper and there were shelves over shelves of books and life seemed so short because i would never be able to read all of this wonderful stuff even if i spent all my time in a library…
where were we?
yes, in one of those days, i found a book that piqued my interest: the dark side of camelot by investigative journalist seymour hersh. historic revisionism applied to the life and times of one of the best loved american presidents -jfk. the book gave a detailed account of the many ‘malfeasances’ of the charismatic american president and hersh, who has perfected the art and sciences of investigative journalism and whose name is synonymous with investigative journalism in the states has left no stones unturned in his quest to show us the darker side of camelot and the naughtier side of its young arthur.
but this is not about the book or even about its main subject.
it’s about america’s oldest teenager that features prominently in the book, senator ted kennedy, the lion of the senate and one of the last of the mohicans. i was saddened to hear about the senator’s serious illness and here is a prayer that he recovers quickly.
besides the school library, in my college days i also had a weakness for c-span, and listening to kennedy speaking on the floor, i always found him to be a man of principles and strong conviction. his stance on many pressing issues of the day seemed to reflect the saner and more progressive side of american politics (of course there are those who would say those two things are mutually exclusive: sane and progressive, but what do those people know about sanity?)
but why mention the dark side of camelot in a discussion of kennedy’s positive attributes and good wishes for his health? well, i have to admit that i can’t ever hear edward kennedy’s name without thinking back to that scene in hersh’s book where the kennedys plus lbj are in a lincoln and pass by nixon (or was it hoover?) and his accolytes and have the driver turn around only so that they can flash the other group. imagine ted kennedy’s pinkish bum bulging out of the window of a black lincoln sedan. (now you can’t get that image out of your head either.)
seriously though, if america is to have a continued proactive role to play around the world, including in this far off corner of it, i would hope that more people like kennedy (and hagel and byrd and biden and a few other voices of reason) have a thing or two to say about it.
but enough of politics. i just wanted to post this to mention what i think of when i hear the name edward kennedy, and to wish him a swift recovery.


~ by safrang on May 26, 2008.

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