uzbeki palau

so i’ve got to share this with you. i have just returned from lunch at the fariyab hotel -‘hotel’ generally standing in for ‘restaurant’ here in afghanistan. fariyab is a province in northern afghanistan, and to the initiated, any hotel -or restaurant- with a northern province’s name on it generally brings with it the appetizing whiff of delicious uzbeki palau. the fare is simple and straightforward: tens of kilograms of rice, and seemingly equal portions of vegetable oil and beef are thrown in a big pot of around 2 meters in diameter, spiced, and heated slowly overnight by firewood. around lunchtime the hotel opens shop, and assorted groups of young professionals in business suits and kamaz truck drivers in pakuls drop by and sit on raised platforms and partake of the greasy food. amazingly delicious and unhealthy -you feel your artheries getting clogged as you are eating. if you want real afghan food, good afghan food, you are well advised to go to someplace like this. no fancy furniture, no sliverware, no wads of tissue paper, nada. just plain good old food -and lots of it. with expertly brewed green tea flowing. just make sure it’s a weekend or you do not have important meetings lined up after lunch. you will literally be in a stupor and slightly dizzy in the head after eating this sort of thing.


~ by safrang on May 25, 2008.

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