mayflowers and end of school year

it’s mid may. which means it is just after the final exams. the end of the academic year. i miss this time of the college year. really. it has been exactly two years since i graduated from college, and i am filled with nostalgia for my undergrad days.

i miss this time of the college year because it was always a welcome reprieve from the hard work and the all-nighters of the exams. spring was in the air and all of a sudden all of that tension and worry was over with. we were, so to speak, over the hump. and looking forward to a summer of new and wonderful experiences, some late mornings, and a change of scenary and environment.

there were, of course, those who left the morning after their last exams. the rest of us, the internationals, however, stayed on for another week or so. to rest, and cook good food, and find our summer destinations and connection flights, and to say farewell to people that we had become close friends or more with, and who we would probably never meet again.

i would, if i could, go back to college. to a small liberal arts college nestled amid beautiful country. with cliffs nearby and a lake and some hills and a town with friendly people and bike-friendly streets.

and i would not change anything about it.


~ by safrang on May 18, 2008.

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