i have a small confession to make. as of late i’ve become addicted, yet again, to a strategy ‎war game, thanks to my 11 year old brother (he claims he’s really 12 years old, but he’s ‎just 11 and a couple of months, and i so do not want him to grow up too quickly). ‎anyhow, this addiction is affecting me in the worst way possible, it gives me something ‎to do late at night, which only worsens my insomnia and gives it yet another reason to ‎keep me awake until late at night. being of a slightly megalomaniac bent, i have always ‎liked strategy war games. especially ancient ones. the ones with swords and shields and ‎horses and an agrarian economy as the basis of it all, and character names like saladin, ‎attila the hun, and richard the lionheart. i first realized how addicted i was when i nearly ‎fell -sort of- ill when a family member actually took out the cd for ‘age of empires- the ‎age of kings’ from the computer and physically broke it to pieces in front of my eyes. this ‎was many, many years ago. and as they say, once an addict, always an addict. back in the ‎states on my college campus i had to fight myself to keep aay from the cult of strategy ‎war gamers who knew no food or work and gamed incessantly until they barely showed ‎up late in class the next morning in their pygamas and puffy eyes. now, it is the computer ‎game ‘crusader’ -the first edition, with no high-flying graphics, but just the basic facts, a ‎landscape with some economic potential, enough water and enough stone to build castles ‎and defensive walls, and food to suffice a standing army of mercenaries and knights. it ‎took a power outage last night to end my incessant 3 hour medieval campaign. another 25 ‎minutes and both my other foes would have capitulated under the barrage of my catapults ‎and archers. i am already looking forward to resuming the onslaught when i am home ‎tonight, which, granted, it will be late, but that does not matter. i know, all this sounds ‎terrible and i cannot help myself, but oh it is so good. is this what addiction looks like?‎


~ by safrang on May 4, 2008.

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