of rain, alchemist, and a venture into sughdiana

so on friday it rained and rained and rained. unlike anything i’ve seen in kabul so far. all day all rain. pleasant, fresh, bringing that old familiar scent of damp clay and spring and sprouts and if you are careful, and as the alchemist would say, connected to the soul of the world, you can hear saplings as they unbend and seek their way out of the damp soil and towards the light.

and i read and read and read on friday. i put on good classical music and yes, took up paulo coelho’s the alchemist and read it from cover to cover. not a novel, to be precise, more a fable, an allegory, a parable. to hold it to the exacting standards of novel, yes, one would be rightfully disappointed. but read it in the spirit, of say, gibran’s the prophet, or hesse’s siddharta, or yet older texts, and it is deeply satisfying. that’s at least the spirit i read it in, and it left me satisfied and contented, and i have to admit a bit full of longing for travelling.

and as if to answer that longing, another trip is coming up. i will be going, for the first time, to that other fabled and storied part of the world that i have long longed to venture into. this time, up north, whence all those great waves of migration and invasion spilled south across the oxus and yet down. i will be leaving for khujand and sughd shortly, and you may trace my steps on flickr…


~ by safrang on April 5, 2008.

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