-23 ‎°‎C

it’s -23 ‎°C (-9.4 ‎°‎F) in kabul and no kidding. it is freezing cold – the coldest this winter. looking at the glass window you see the vapor and cold playing together all sorts of games drawing jagged peaks and other patterns that send your mind wandering to shadowy, snow-covered pine forests in nothern europe of circa the little ice age. you can walk on a foot-thick layer of snow without breaking through and the vapor from your breathing freezes on your scarf. you hear tens have frozen to death -yes, slow, agonizing death that sets on because it is too cold for your organs to function, for your blood to circulate, for your heart to pump the cold blood through your rigid veins, for your nerves and reflexes to function, tens of that kind of death and all of a sudden the warmth of a cozy home and the dried fruit and the alokozay tea is no more as appetizing, and neither does the fact that you get cold feet while walking from the car to office (about 50 meters) or sometimes there is no more hot water left for shower in the morning bother you as much anymore..
نفس کز گرمگاه سینه می آید برون ابری شود تاریک چو دیوار ایستد در پیش چشمانت نفس کاینست پس دیگر چه داری چشم ز چشم دوستان دور یا نزدیک؟


~ by safrang on January 20, 2008.

3 Responses to “-23 ‎°‎C”

  1. در زمستان کابل میتواند به شدت بی رحم شود، باور نکردنی است.. اشک در چشم کودکان یخ میبندد.. دل در میان سینه یخ میبندد… و چای آب حیات است.. خدا زمستان را به خیر بگذراند.. این همه بهاریه در ادبیات ما از کجا می آید؟ در زمستان روشن میشود…

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  3. That is cold! I understand. Recently, I spent time in the northern part of Iowa, USA. Early in the morning, with the sun out, it was often around -17°C (1°‎F). You didn’t mention the effect of the wind. People often add that in when discussing the cold there, and call it the ‘wind-chill factor’, or how cold it really feels when the wind is sucking the heat from your body. The wwnd blows across the Iowa plains unrestricted, so it can be fierce. The wind chill made the temperatures at night in Iowa between -20°C (-5°‎F), and -32°C (-27°‎F). Since I live in the Southwestern part of the USA, these were temperatures I was not used to at all. Give me warm sunny days anywhere in the world over cold ones!

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