Zia QariZada (1922-2008)

There is not an Afghan who has not at one point or another shed a tear, or at least felt their heart constrict, for Kabul when listening to this timeless classic about the city in its heyday of beauty and glory:

مشک تازه می بارد ابر بهمن کابل
موج سبزه می کارد کوی و برزن کابل

Mushk-e-Taaza Mibarad Abr-e Bahman-e Kabul
Mowj-e Sabza Mikarad Koy-o Barzan-e Kabul

The spring clouds of Kabul rain fresh fragrance
its streets and alleys covered in waves of green grass

And though there came a time when Kabul’s sky rained bullets and bombs (…بمب تازه میبارد) and its streets and alleys were covered in potholes and landmines, many an Afghan and a Kabuli remembered the Kabul of yesteryear immortalized in this song, especially when rendered in late Sarban’s melancholy voice.

Zia Qarizada, the composer of this and several other classics of Afghan music passed away on Sunday, away from home in Canada.
In his will he requested that his remains be taken to Kabul and buried there.


~ by safrang on January 15, 2008.

16 Responses to “Zia QariZada (1922-2008)”

  1. Zia Qarizada will be buried beside is Wife in Afghanistan. That was is death wish.

  2. Hi..Salaam!!
    I am his grand-daughter..My mother was his daughter!
    I just wanted to correct that statement..he wished to be burried in afghanistan..not because of his mother..but of his wife..bibi ayeesha..and bcuz it is his home.His home country.He was proud of being afghan and dedicated his life to writting poetry.

    I miss you bahbah jaan
    And i will visit you soon =)

  3. Dear Mina & S,

    The part about Zia QariZada’s wish to be buried near his mother’s grave in Kabul was taken from BBC Persian website and could well be inaccurate. Please see: http://www.bbc.co.uk/persian/afghanistan/story/2008/01/080114_s-qarizadah.shtml
    And certainly, as you point out, this could not have been his only reason to be buried in Kabul, his native home. All the same, out of respect to Mr. Qarizada and his grand-daughter Mina jan who has kindly visited and commented, I will do something that I have never done on this blog before, and omit that part. My condolences to you.

  4. Thank you very much Safrang. If you want i will send you the links and emails of my grand-father’s poems, and death letters which was given to everyone at the funeral.

  5. Mina, that would be very kind. I would like the links and letters given away at his funeral. Thanks for visiting again.

  6. Hi Safrang…Thanks a lot for your beautiful tribute to my grand father…

    R.I.P…I will miss you always…

    • Salam Roya jan;

      I know that this is an old communication, I hope you still have your e-mail. I have been looking for songs and poems of Aghai Qarizada.
      I hope to hear back from you.

      take care

  7. If you need any photos or his book of poem collections please let me know…

    • Salaam to all,
      As many other Afghans of certain age, I am a great fan of Marhoom Kabootar’s poems and music.
      All my searches on-line, however, produced 2 songs only and no lyrics.
      I would greatly appreciate if you dear grand children (Mina jon, and Roya jon) would point me to the right direction of how and where I can acquire his poems and songs (whatever is left and available)

  8. […] بارد ابرِ بهمنِ کابل موج سبزه می کارد کوی و برزنِ کابل ضیا قاریزاده- nowadays though, another verse seems more […]

  9. Salam Mina jan and Roya jan,

    I came to this blog by chance. I loved your grand pa (marhoom mohtaram Qarizada saheb) father’s songs. I am looking to all of his songs, but still I am not successfull. Can youhelp me with it please.

    I am also proud to have family link with your grandpa, and off course with you two.

    Felan khoda hafez,


  10. dear mina jan
    wish u health and happiness,i am very happy finding information about ur grandfather,i am one of those afghans who loves marhoom qari zada saheb and his best poems and songs.wish u helping me in finding songs and more information about ur grandfather.may god bless him.
    hazim amal
    konduz afghanistan

  11. Check this video for his Kabul song

  12. Here is a collection of the song I have from him, well not me my dad had. I ripped it from his cassette collection and thought to share it with you here.

    May his work live long in the our literature.

  13. Salam and greeting to family of marhoom Qarizada Saheb,
    Marh00m Qarizada saheb was one of best friend of my father marhoom Dr. Ismail Tahery and their friend marhoom Dr. Usman. In 1980s in karte 4 Kabul.May Allah make their roh shad and maghfrat.

  14. I remember Mr Zia Qrizadah from child hood,I want to know where is his family and how many kid he lift behind.

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