به من تهمت زنند این کاهنان الکن

It took a while for me to fall asleep last night, and of course as always in these bouts of insomnia, I began thinking half-awake in verses from odd poems I have read over the years.
The last thing I remember is that just before falling asleep I was struggling to remember the second line of a poem by the great Wasif Bakhtari that begins thus:

به من تهمت زنند این کاهنان الکن از آن روی

and though much and hard I thought and dug deep into the remote parts of my mind, I could not remember the second line. I think it goes something like below, but this cannot be right:

که شعری سرخ در شام سپیدی گفته بودم من

At any rate, I am at a loss at to what the exact second line is, and even a search for the correct second line of the verse on google produced no results. I would be grateful if someone who knows the poem well leaves a comment with the correct second line. You will rescue me from a nagging feeling that has housed deep in my mind since last night.

Sometimes people get these things called “ear worms” (I think that’s what they are called) when they remember or hear a line of a song’s lyrics and cannot get it out of their head and have to keep singing it. This is something similar… and almost equally frustrating if you can’t remember the remaining.

به من تهمت زنند این کاهنان الکن از آن روی


~ by safrang on January 3, 2008.

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