what i want to do

so some might wonder, what is he going to do with his life? I mean after studies and work and life and all that, then what? something of lasting significance, some final personal benchmark of achievement, an ouvre…

what i have always wanted to do, what i really want to do in life, is to write the great afghan novel. that’s it.

And happy Eid Mubarak and merry xmas to all of you.


~ by safrang on December 22, 2007.

2 Responses to “what i want to do”

  1. I want to write the great afghan-american novel. or rather, just write a novel.

    That’s my new year’s goal. You should do it too. It’d be a waste of your writing & passion if you didn’t…

  2. In my more euphoric moments I sit and lament the fact that I have not already started, and I resolve to do it soon, now!
    But then I pick something like Kiran Desai’s “The Inheritance of Loss” -which I am halfway into now, thanks to a cold that has kept me house-bound for two days- and it all crumbles.
    The amount of thought, work, craft, skill, observation and experience that must go into making a novel -and leave alone a whole novel, into developing one well-rounded character- is nothing short of Overwhelming.
    And granted that I don’t have the intention of writing a Booker prize winner at first attempt, but still it will be “The Great Afghan Novel”!
    So then I sit there mouth agape and wondering.
    All the same, as the post above is a telling indication, the dream lives on. And what you have said above, well, it can’t but help a good deal towards taking the dream seriously.
    By the way, because of the many things named above that go into making a good novel, I think you are in a far better position to start soon, now! And I am so glad to learn that it is on your radar for the new year.

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