Wow.. comments و بیرنگ کوهدامنی

I had no idea other people had such strong feelings about the book “the 48 laws of power”. I received a rather colorful comment on my previous post and actually had to delete it, something I have not resorted to before. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate substantive comments that are critical of my pov and argue it out, but some of the more ‘colorful’ four-letter words i cannot tolerate.

On the nicer side of things, I received a really nice comment from Jenniffer of the terrific and deeply personal blog with lots of eye-candy: Inner Complexities. “Sleep deprived psychosis” -definitely something that would describe this blog had I thought of it before – after all, we have got categories along the same lines (dreamscape, melancholia, deppressive mania…) Her last post reminds me a little of the confessions of the deeply personal and bitterly honest confessions of Dostoevsky’s underground man… not to say that the author of Inner Complexities is anything like the underground man.. anyhow.. the comment just about washed away the effects of the previous one in response to my post “Confessions” and then some..

One last things, blogs like this one and Inner complexities are interesting affairs. Their authors, at least in my case, do not really want to be read, because some of the stuff they write about themselves are pretty messed up, but are glad all the same when they get comments.. … hmmm.. now i don’t want to think of all the people who read this and may remotely know me…the real me…but then again who the heck is to say that i know the real, real me.. so where does that leave us? right on the edge of a sleep-deprived, melanocholy, and deppressive state of psychosis….

now on the other side of things, بیرنگ کوهدامنی در گذشت

مثل اینکه این روز ها هرکسی زبانش به کامش می ارزد در می گذرد.. فقط نگاهی کن به آن صفحه بی بی سی که این خبر را در آن خواندی.. نادیا انجمن – فانی – چند سالی پیش عاصی – حال کوهدامنی.. و … و..

این همه
و دیگرانی که
مثل اینکه تلخ ترین فصل خدا فرا رسیده

هان ای خدا! چه فتنه در این خانه رخ نهاد؟
تابوت گل به خاک نهد باد بامداد


~ by safrang on December 13, 2007.

One Response to “Wow.. comments و بیرنگ کوهدامنی”

  1. It’s the feedback and the concurrence I look forward to, so I know I’m not the only one, but on the other hand I tend to get way too personal… which is pretty much what you said. Lol

    I haven’t read Notes From Underground, I’d love to though, someone actually suggested that I read it about 3 years ago. I never followed through. I will add it to a long list.

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