drowning and seasick

a series of importunate and yet unfortunately unavoidable encounters -not entirely unrelated to the previous post (دُرِسُفته – چهار) and not entirely unrelated to my week-long exodus and retreat to the faraway- would have definitely sat my delicate nerves on fire.

[[i have come to believe that few things in the world can be as ugly as unveiled selfishness and wanton materialism. especially by the philistine. upstart philistine. calculating, snobbish and yet curiously sycophantic, artless, hurtful and selfish philistine. ]]

thanks god my nerves are not all that fragile, and i am not easily fazed.

no ssssir.


so how do i get back at the whole sich-way-shun?

i continue being nice to people, but along the way, i definitely show them that i am hurt. (turns out this is rather unexpected, and comes as a shock to the same. because they are so used to me swallowing it all so silently and complaint-less-ly.)

then, to massage and nurse my poor delicate nerves, i go out on a rampage:

i just go out and rent these movies –

– who’s afraid of virginia woolf? (i know slanted eyes is for one… who is also, apropos, responsible for my picking the movie)

– monsieur n.

– click! (sometimes i really feel like thanking god for adam sandler. yes i remember i said i am a humor snob. but there are times even a humor snob needs a silly laugh – so i do what might be called a willing suspension of snobbery, and decide to let myself go and enjoy a slapstick comedy – at least i hope i will enjoy it.) and thanks god for simon & garfunkel, who are momentarily admonishing people who bowed and prayed to the neon god they made.


i blog.

hoping that someone among all’v ya’ll out there will commiserate, make it felt, known -write it down, dammit.

i am glad i already added ‘depressive mania’ and ‘moan and bitch’ categories here.


~ by safrang on May 21, 2007.

One Response to “drowning and seasick”

  1. Sir,

    The rumors of my fear have been greatly exaggerated!

    Slanted Eyes

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