Thus Spake the Mad Prophet

“One can guess by now what I think life’s healing-artist instinct has at least attempted through the ascetic priest and to what end a temporary tyranny of such paradoxical and paralogical concepts as “guilt,” “sin,” “sinfulness,” “corruption,” “damnation” has had to serve him: to make the sick to a certain degree harmless, to destroy the incurable through themselves, to give a backwards direction to their ressentiment (“one thing is needful”) and in this manner to exploit the bad instincts of all sufferers for the purpose of self-discipline, self-preservation, self-overcoming. As goes without saying, with a “medication” of this kind, a mere affect-medication, it absolutely cannot be a matter of true healing of the sick in the physiological sense; one could not even claim that the instinct of life in any way has healing in mind or in intention. A kind of crowding together and organizing of the sick, on the one hand (-the word “church” is the most popular name for this), a kind of provisional securing of the more healthily formed, the more fully cast, on the other, thus the tearing open of a chasm between healthy and sick -for a long timethat was all! And it was a great deal! It was a very great deal!”

-Nietzsche, On the Genealogy of Morality, Third Treatise, Sec. 16


~ by safrang on May 19, 2007.

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