The producers of the Onion News Network (ONN) are comic geniuses. I have not yet figured out a way to get the channel on cable TV. (And would not be able to watch it even if I did, since TV and I are estranged from each other for some half a decade now.) But I am a voracious consumer of cool podcasts, and ONN just happens to post one or two of its carefully chosen highlights every week for my delighted bemusement.

I admit to being somewhat of a comedy snob (stretching the terms “literary snob” and “music snob” here) and not every attempt at humor can extract a laugh out of this tough customer. For instance, after a few episodes I found it laboriously hard to find Stephen Colbert amusing, and I don’t understand why I used to laugh at Family Guy a few years back (the only explanation I can come up is Stewie, but that’s it.) Especially when alone, I often do not laugh out loud even when watching comedies.
Only when reading delightful novels do I giggle.

But so far every ONN episode has made me LMAO. Needless to say, it is highly recommended if you are into podcasts.


~ by safrang on May 9, 2007.

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  1. […] from the Poetry Podcast, then on to an episode of the outrageously hilarious and self-serious ONN, and would end in the Office. For a self-proclaimed literary and humor snob, these were essential […]

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