The Perils of Didacticism and Careerism

Later, I read more about The Raven and the Poe.
Fascinating life. Particularly I fell in love with Poe’s strong distaste for didacticism in art and literature (he once called it a worst “heresy.”)

Not to pontificate, but I think that contemporary poetry in Afghanistan is in strong need of a return to its early non-didactic roots. For years and years, growing up and taking in literature as a voracious young reader, I was under the impression that the true purpose of art and literature was to serve as another, albeit informal medium for public education and imparting values.
From کریما ببخشای بر حال ما down to هر که مکتب رفت آدم میشود and most everything I was subjected to in between preached values and correct behavior and the Good Life. Often the message overpowered the form, and but for the rhyme, I might have as well read the سیره الانبیا instead of poetry. Indeed, my own earliest forays into poetry (mostly Ghazal) carried this streak of didacticism in them. What was I thinking fancying myself an early saint in the making with things like:

الا ای آهوا تو حد شاخ خود مکن افزون
که صیاد زمانه آخرالامرش کند افسون
چو کبک خوش خرام آرد به حلقومش ندای خوش
شکاری را فتد در سر که آرد از گلویش خون
بلندی باعث پستی ست -…- گفت بهر تو
سنه باشد هزار و سیصد و هفتاد و سه اکنون

Yes, yes, I know – a promising early foray for a 12 year old, perhaps. But behold in the injustice of what early rubbish I had been subjected to, and the bounds and shackles imposed on my creativity! What a grand deception of art we subject ourselves and our youth to!

Sami Hamed once said that most of our contemporary poets are so concerned with the water that they forget about the wine. I say they also happen to be too f***ing preachy most of the time, pardonnez mon francaise. Alright, I know. Not all of them. But an awful lot of them yes.

Wither Hafez and the good old sinner saints of yore? زین همرهان سست عناصر دلم گرفت

L’art pour l’art – this ought to be the new hue and cry of our miserable town. As Poe’s raven would say, preach to us oh nevermore!

Also, what the f*** is up with so many talents shackling themselves into careers in journalism and handing over their creative harnesses to the MoFu that is the MoF, as well as the BBC Persian Service. These two have got to be the biggest employers of aspiring artists and poets in my country today. The tragedy! Even worse, some of them travel abroad to attend school!
Some dignity, some spine, some poetic sense and license!
The hunt for water will be the undoing of this miserable lot, I tell you.

In other news, Hamesha introducing new segment into blog:


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