Mack Trucks

I always thought Alexis to be very deft with the nuances of the English language. At times, I may have envied her. Then again, it was her native tongue, and not mine. Not that I am particularly deft at my native tongue – but then I have been an adrift wanderer most of my life. As Rushdie once said of South Asians in the UK, they speak five languages, none of them fluently. I speak bits and pieces of six. Only two of them with some depth.


Alexis once corrected me thus:

“It is not even like comparing apples and oranges, dear.
It is like comparing oranges and Mack trucks.”


Wherever does one dig out an image like that? I am curious. I want to know, to learn.


He’s got the social graces of a Mack truck.


And she, those of a swan.


I recently watched the second movie out in as many years about the American literary giant Truman Capote -of whom, I must shamefully admit, I know little and have read even less. In the movie (“Infamous”) -which was an absolute delight to watch- one of the characters says of Truman’s companion:

“He’s got the social graces of a syringe.”


~ by safrang on May 4, 2007.

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