Homage to Dr. Akram Osman

I first read Akram Osman’s short story Naazi Jan years ago, in Watan, or maybe it was in Peshawar. Maybe in a winter sitting by the window, watching snow fall, or under a blanket surrounding by the cacophony of wintertime chat and with Gandom-biryan, or on some summer afternoon sitting on the huge boulders of the hill next to our house, or on the branches of the tree by the stream, or, less pleasantly, cloistered from the heat of Peshawar and with AC’s white noise humming in the background.

I just listened to it again, in Akram Osman’s soothing voice here, and it moved me to tears.

I do not know what it was that felt so overpowering: the inherent tragedy of the plot, the story’s nostalgic description of a Kabul that once was and never will be again, or of those winter mornings and summer afternoons that I first read the book in my far off village and my far off childhood…

Wednesday, May 2nd was Dr. Osman’s 70th birthday. Afghan blogosphere is abuzz with homages and celebration. I for one owe him heartfelt thanks for helping open a world of possibilities, in fiction, to a village-dwelling boy more than ten years ago, and for taking home a city dwelling exile years later.

May the golden years of the old man of Dari short stories be still ahead of him… May we hear more from him, about the Kabul of real Kakas and genuine, lovestruck Kiterunners.


~ by safrang on May 4, 2007.

9 Responses to “Homage to Dr. Akram Osman”

  1. I read the story when I was ten or eleven too. And I loved it and other stories of him. “Nazi jan, hamdam e man, delbar e man” I used to sing in a tragic voice all day.. I owe Dr. Akram Osman a world of fantasies, dreams and “hasrat” for the kabul that hasn’t stayed like that…

  2. Dear Dr Osman Salam, and best wishes,
    I am one of the readers of your beautiful short stories, infact I have grown with them. Your short stories were always different from those that I read (Iranians and other afghan writers). Well my father was an army officer (Dagarwal in the army), every thursday afternoon after work, he had time to go to the city and buy things for thursday night (dry and fresh fruit (including kishmish wa nakhud)) and a magazine or a book to read to us. Our thursday night and friday luck would appear from the moment that we could see my father from a long distence, if he had a large bag in one hand and few books and newspapers on the others, things were looking good for the weekend.
    When he read your short stories about Kabul’s KAKA, I could hear his walking sounds, I could hear his breathing sounds and I could hear the sound of people around him. I felt cold when he felt could and I became angry when he was angry. I steped in the story myself, became the Hero in you story and fought with evils and bad guys.
    I am writing to tell you that I loved your short stories when you read them through “Az Har Chaman Samany” or on the radio in other programs. It gave me the pleasure a young man who didn’t believe in his or in his country’s future. It is just to tell you Dr Osman THANK YOU VERY MUCH, looking forward to read more and more.
    Kind regares
    Asad Aimal Jadeer

  3. […] because the picture that akram osman drew of naazi will forever remain in the back of all his readers’ minds: نازی، […]

  4. I am in tears. I used to listen to him in Afghanistan. Oh, it brings back so many memories…..

  5. i read your stories and heard your voice on radio when i was a teenage girl i greatly enjoyed what you wrote not just me my dad loved your stories too.

  6. Dear Dr.Osman here im sending you my website with some poems of Ustad Tabesh

  7. where can i find his dastanha? i just heard his “naazi” and i am absolutely in love with it. It made me very proud that we too have such amazing talents.

  8. Hey Dr. Osman.
    I am an Afghan, i have red your story “A Real Man Keeps his Word (the English version)” I loved it. i am proud of you.

  9. iam an afghan LIVING IN MONTREAL, i wonder if dr.Osman has diclima the dari poems any site OR REFERENCE will be thankfull please e-mail me at SHEENSUB@GMAIL.COMM TKS IN ADVANCE..

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