Dontchya wish your blog was hot like mine? Dontchya!

So it looks like this blog is becoming more popular.

A month ago, it was not rare for whole days go to by with no visitors. The few who did visit were those who stumbled by accident while searching the net for a Hindi song (Piya Basanti Re) or for ( تاریخ بیهقی ), which remain to date the most searched-for terms on this blog (does no one ever write about these things anywhere else on the net?)

Now the readership is approaching that of my other, more serious, more publicized blog. More worrisome, there is evidence -from referral links- that at least in once instance someone has sent one of my posts (oh please god don’t let it be one of those hedonistic ones speaking of orgies and ritualistic bacchanalia!) to another person’s Yahoo mail, and that several people have subscribed to the blog’s feed and read it on a regular basis. I suspect that a couple of people who know me in real life also read this (and I hope they will not confront me about it, thus sustaining my illusion of being anonymous and hidden), and one commenter has asked for my identity.

I don’t know if I should be happy about the rise in ratings, or worried.

Truth is, I don’t do MySpace. This is my space.
This is my little, intimate, secret corner of the web where I want to have the liberty to think out loud, experiment with words and ideas, and to engage in what one of the bloggers that I most admire has called “mind sex.” (And mind you, that is not the same as mental sex or thinking about sex, but Mind Sex: a metaphor that only people who really like thinking and really like sex can understand. All others will acutely misunderstand it.)

I have tried hard to keep this blog hush hush. I have not linked to any other blogs, and I have not linked to this blog from anywhere -including from my other blog. Not that I am ashamed about anything on this blog, but the fact is that a disclosure of my identity would impinge upon my freedom to freely think and write here.

Maybe at the end of the day what will become of this blog is like the tale of the rabbit (or pick your animal) who buries his head in sand, and because he does not see anything, thinks that the world does not see him either.

I can work with that.


~ by safrang on April 18, 2007.

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