Weekend Trip – Part II

In addition to the visit, the trip itself was very nice. You might say I am one of those who is interested more in the journey than the destination! Frankly, who is not interested in the journey rather than the destination nowadays? And if they are not, you can’t get them to admit it. Because it is too damn fashionable to be seen as interested in the journey than the destination. Everybody is interested in the destination, otherwise they would not undertake the journey.

Well, I enjoyed the journey – and in large part because google maps decided to give me completely different directions this time around. It included one excruciatingly long and boring stretch of highway (during which I listened to almost one-third of the audiobook Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink) and then…

Then I took an exit and left the highway, and for the next two hours, I passed through some of the most beautiful and breathtaking landscapes I have ever seen in my life. Smooth rolling hills. Snaking country road. Soft spring green. Small bridges and streamlets running under them with names like “Fortune Teller Creek.” Cow farms, feed barns, horse ranches. Wailing willows, tall pines.

For some two hours, I was immersed in the scene, and memories of my old Kentucky home came rushing back to me. As it happens, fate had it that I would live on a farm in a serene part of Eastern Kentucky once upon a time.


~ by safrang on April 10, 2007.

One Response to “Weekend Trip – Part II”

  1. I typically despise travelling in cars, but it is a must. Though I don’t listen to music, I would much rather listen, feel the air, the smells. Not even sun-glasses, there is a quality to shimmering light as it reflects from the leaves, the earth, the gravel. And I am never bored… The shades that are drivers and passengers in each of those vehicles, the manner they grip the steering wheel, how they drive, what state is their car in; a top all that there are the jokes and inanities of bumper stickers, labels, superflous decorative pieces and accessories… All are invitation to the world of the other, as satisfying as a conversation or a good book. Possibilities…

    That’s what travels are for me. I don’t know why you would be bored by highways.

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