Turn the Page

Metallica masterfully mixing madness and melancholy with memorably melodious metal music. That would result in something like “Turn the Page.”

Another of those tracks I have been listening to feverishly as of late. Caught myself hitting the replay button again and again before realizing that I had discovered another classic. Now running at 25 playbacks on my iTunes alone – not to count the times I have listened to it in my car stereo or iPod, harping away at the wheel and tapping away at the brake pedal.

I am told (no, I just read it on wikipedia) that Bob Seger first wrote/performed the song. But I have downloaded Seger’s version and it sounds nowhere close to Metallica’s cover.

Credit is due Bob Seger, however, for the ingenious lyricism of the song.
From the starting line (“On a long and lonesome highway… east of Omaha”) down to the last (“There I gooooOoo…”) the melancholy lyrics and the heavy clanking of metal join in an unlikely harmony and take one along for satisfying ride.

Here I am,
On the road again.


~ by safrang on April 7, 2007.

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