The Story (Of Who I Am)

No, you will have to wait for that story -my story- for another couple of decades.

This is about The Story – a new song by the talented new artist Brandi Carlile.

Been listening to it profusely for the past couple of weeks. Downloaded it for free, courtesy of iTunes. It is listed as pop/rock, but after 25 playbacks in two weeks I could care less for the genre. I love the anguished lyrics, the riffs and raffs, the drums and bangs – a wholesome, whole-hearted, anguished track. This is the first time I am listening to the artist Brandi Carlile, but hopefully not the last.

These days I catch myself having played the same song over and over again before realizing the double digits on my iTunes/iPod playcount. That happened with The Story.


~ by safrang on April 4, 2007.

One Response to “The Story (Of Who I Am)”

  1. […] i asked my brother who lives where he can actually purchase music on itunes to download and send me the story by brandi carlile. i first listened (and then listened again and again and again) to this song when i was young. what am i saying – i meant to say when i downloaded a free version of it on the itunes store a few years back. i guess the fact that it was free implies that brandi carlile was a relatively unknown artist then and in my own way i discovered her music for myself. i fell in love with it. and then a week or so ago i heard it in the backdrop of a commercial for cnn -playing cleverly on the theme of telling stories. and that prompted me to ask for it again because i had lost all my music in the cataclysmic crash of the hard drive. when i first heard this song, i posted about it here. […]

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