Snow & Life of Pi

Finished Life of Pi:

Finished reading Yann Martel’s astonishing tale of survival, faith, and the human spirit. Yes, astonishing is the right word. I had under-estimated the book. I started reading it three times, everytime putting it down because it let on nothing about the book but that it was an exciting and edge-of-your-seat tale of adventure and survival. Alas! It peers into the most unknown corners of the human soul, and as it takes you along, it makes you shudder and rejoice at once. In the past two days, I read the remaining 2/3 of the book -the first 1/3 read somewhere between the summer of 2005 and now. It is a book I shall open again and read at some point in the future. It has left me in an interesting state of mind -as I am currently in an interesting stage of my life.


The Much awaited first snow of this year fell today. On Jan 21. Without except, ever since I read this poem by Forough Farukhzad years ago, every first snow of the year reminds me of it:

پشت شیشه برف می بارد
پشت شیشه برف می بارد
در سکوت سینه ام دستی
دانهء اندوه می کارد


~ by safrang on January 21, 2007.

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