Lazy Sunday

Got up at 9 am today, wrote a blog entry (on my other, more serious-toned blog, which I shall not name for now), and went back to sleep.

Got up again at 1, explored around the flickr for an hour; downloaded the demo for age of empires iii, which to my fury got cut off in the middle and I had to download the damn thing all over again, and check the news. Same stuff. Sick of it.

Then I stumbled on to this: three pieces from Yo Yo Ma’s newest album – appassionato. I love the longer Soledad piece. I guess it means solitude. It features piano and long, anguished draws of cello. I will never forgive whoever was responsible for me not playing any musical instrument. I will try to learn. The violin strikes me as such a seductive, delicate, and powerful instrument. The one I love plays it. I have not heard her play it in ages -but then it has been ages I have not seen her, and in the interludes that we do see, more immediate needs and passions take over than the need to play/listen to violin.


~ by safrang on January 14, 2007.

One Response to “Lazy Sunday”

  1. […] it all began with a post on a lazy sunday at 8:16pm on january 17, 2007. and since then, surprisingly, the blog did not suffer the usual fits […]

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